Saturday, January 10, 2015

Babies, Eyeballs, Let's Blog...

If I told you my eyeball came out of the socket none of you would believe me. Well it did, and my innocent 2-year-old is to blame. It's not everyday that your eyeball pops out, so let's blog!

Motherhood is becoming quite scary, but that's another blog. I sit here, yet again, wondering how to explain certain incidents that occur in my household. I'll attempt to explain how my Saturday afternoon consisted of me trying to put my eyeball back in my head, me crying, me freaking out while my daughter looks and laugh.

It's a typical Saturday afternoon. The kid and I are lounging around the house, watching television and being lazy. We like relaxing on days off. I'd just got finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to take a break and hang out in the bedroom with the kid. I figured it would be a good idea to close ourselves in the bedroom to prevent her from messing up the parts of the house I'd just cleaned. We're lounging around, as we typically do and my daughter decides to come lay with me in the bed. It's noon so I'm thinking this is the perfect time for a good nap (the both of us). We're both winding down, so I'm expecting the next few hours to be a breeze. I wouldn't describe what was to follow as "breezy".

My daughter, being the energetic child she is, gets a pop of energy from nowhere and decides to start playing with my face and ears. Of course I let her. She's no stranger to playing with mommy's face. Sometimes she even picks my nose, but that's another blog. She then takes her right thumb and pokes me in the top of my left eyelid. The poke was so forceful that my eyeball ended up in my left hand as I had the left side of my face covered with my left hand. At this point I'm freaking out because my eyeball is literally out of the socket and I have no clue what to do. The only reasonable thing I could think of was to call someone for help, specifically 9-1-1. Somehow I'd placed my eyeball back in it's socket. From there, I immediately started crying. I cried not because it was painful, but because I was freaked out. As I'm going through my tragedy all I can hear is my daughter laughing in the background. As cute as her laugh is, I was frustrated. I don't trust toddlers!

Now I'm completely terrified of my child getting near my face. To top things off, she's currently trying to eat dirt out of one of my plants while I'm writing this blog. I'm still crying.

Happy Saturday, folks!

With love,

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