The Glamorous Life of Motherhood!

Although being a mom is just as glamorous as people make it seem on facebook and other social networking sites, a lot of stuff don't make it to those pages.

Where are all the real updates? You know, the ones about throw up, being tired, the messy nature of a child, spills, stains, grocery bills, hospital bills, childcare bills, ear infections, high fevers, snot, spaghetti o's on the forehead (both you and your child), syrup in your carpet, oatmeal in your child's hair, the puddle of drool when your child falls asleep on you, your child randomly screaming, or getting beat up by a 1 year old? You get the point . . .

Sitting on my back while beating me with a toothbrush!? That's the best caption I have.

OH SNAP!! Please note that I'm wearing the same yellow shirt as I am in the above photo. Also note that these pictures are almost two years apart. NO SHAME IN MY GAME!

She didn't know whether to cry, look at me or look at the webcam.