We all say crazy things, right?

"My baby likes when I chew on her arm." - indiaSheana

"My niece is whispering secrets to my big toe." - England Simpson

"I want to wear a onesie and be my child for halloween." - India

"My daughter slapped me. I cried because I thought it was cute." - India

"My niece is playing with my armpit and I'm letting it happen." - England

"I'm trying to figure out why my niece is shaking hands with the cable cord." - England

"I woke my toddler up twice while trying to smell her breath." - India

"Baby toes, my favorite flavor!" - India

"Babies like playing with fat stomachs." - India

"I have to stop getting scared every time one of my baby's toys talk." - India

"I almost kissed my phone. This is what happens when you stare at photos of your kid." - India

"I wonder if my daughter will take a 4 hour nap again." - India

"Me smelling my child's feet is routine" - India

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