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I'm a weird mom who occasionally has weird mom moments. I love my daughter more than anything and she has definitely inspired me to share some of my unique mom moments. I'll go ahead and blame my weirdness and my over protectiveness on being a first time mother.

I also intend for this blog to be used as a forum where other mothers, fathers, grandmothers, aunts, etc can come and share stories of the child(ren) they love. Why not connect with others and share advise and/or stories? We could all use some great advise and it won't hurt to laugh every once in a while.

As mothers, we have the most important, most difficult job ever and we don't even get paid for it. Sometimes it's good to find a place to escape the craziness just to end up talking about the craziness. Let's have fun!

Not So Mommy Blog | indiaSheana

I'm cheating on my mommy blog with another "not so mommy" blog! I juggling 2 blogs. I feel so dirty! If you want to talk about something other than cute kids, diapers and tantrums feel free to check out my other blog at blog.indiaSheana.com. I promise I won't bite, for now. Wait, what?!

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About indiaSheana (the weird mom)

Apart from being a weird, over protective mother I'm also an artist. I consider myself multi-talented. At the risk of sounding cocky, I'm what you call a quadruple threat. I'm a Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Plus Size Beauty and I do anything that's creatively challenging. Don't be a stranger. Visit my official website at indiaSheana.com

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