Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Baby Weight

Here's the real reason women blame gaining weight on their children (child birth) even when their children are grown. I'll even use actual numbers to break it down.

From my personal experience, I had gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy (which is average). The day I found out I was pregnant I purposely weighed myself just to see how much I would actually gain during my pregnancy. My diet before my pregnancy was pretty standard. I wasn't a health freak, but I also didn't eat fast food all day. I was conscious about what I ate, but not to the point where I was counting calories. During my pregnancy I had maintained an even healthier diet (for the baby of course). I didn't have a huge, weird appetite as people assume pregnant women have, so I didn't eat like a slob.

Fast forward a bit. I've given birth to my beautiful child. I'm not expecting the pounds to come flying off, but I had at least expected to return to my normal weight seeing that I was returning to my normal diet/lifestyle. I gave myself a good 6 months just to see if my body would return to it's norm. I never was skinny, I just wanted to be back at the weight I was the day I found out I was pregnant.

6 months later some of the weight came off, but not all of the weight. I had lost 25 pounds of the 50 pounds I had gained. I couldn't understand how I was carrying an EXTRA 25 pounds when my diet and lifestyle didn't change. If anything, I was more active after my pregnancy and was still bigger than I was originally. This had me thinking a lot.

If I was a health nut before getting pregnant and all of a sudden gained a ton of weigh, it would take me being a health nut times 2 just to be back normal. So now you're having to live an unreasonable lifestyle JUST to maintain your normal weight in which you were maintaining just fine before you were pregnant. I find that mind boggling.

Now here I am, on a diet and I'm still not my "normal fat". It'll probably take me running a marathon and eating lettuce for 3 meals a day just to be obese.

I'm hungry. Carry on. - India

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