Monday, January 30, 2017

Children Will Ruin Your Life

Children will ruin your life! I said it, I mean it. Before you start gasping, listen.

It's no secret I'm super obsessed with my daughter (now 4 years of age). I can't express that enough. She's has changed my life in more than one way. Not only is she the absolute, biggest, most wonder blessing ever... She's also the source of most of my stress.

I'm talking about being physically, mentally and emotionally drained. All of this can simply come from loving your child "too" much and always worrying about their well-being and safety. Constantly worrying no matter what your child is doing, or who your child is with can cause a huge strain on someone trying living a "normal" life, especially mothers. Mothers tend to be the care givers and nurturers. You find yourself crying more and not getting a mental break. You would think the older the child gets, the more you stop worrying. That's not true at all. My mother is still crazy over us (my sisters and I) and we're all well in our 30s! *inserts sad face here*

My mother's craziness is actually what sparked this topic. I'm stressed out dealing with my child, but had somewhat of a peace-of-mind thinking it would just be temporary. You know, me being stressed out or what not. Seeing my mother constantly worry and stress out about my OLD sisters and I is how I came up with the conclusion that motherhood will permanently ruin your life.

Some people just call it being protective.


  1. You'll be fine. You're a fine and wonderful Mom!

  2. But it's a good stress <3 (says your step-mom with no children by too many dogs! ;)