Thursday, July 31, 2014

Painter's Tape On A Diaper

I like to think of myself as being resourceful and somewhat frugal. As a mom on a mission I always have solutions to every problem.

One morning I was routinely changing my daughter's diaper when one of the tabs, on the new diaper, had broken off. Being the extremely smart, resourceful person I am I decided NOT to throw away a perfectly good diaper; those things are super expensive! Instead, I decided to create my own diaper tab out of painter's tape. Surely if the tape is good enough for painting walls, it's good enough to hold together a diaper. Problem solved, right?

My daughter was running around the house being a toddler and doing toddler things. Twenty minutes later I'd noticed her whole right leg was wet. In my mind I thought she had gotten a hold of some bubbles or something. Who knows? I checked her closer and it definitely wasn't bubbles that was making her wet. It just so happens that the painter's tape didn't hold up and my daughter had her diaper halfway on.

I ended up using a new diaper after all. Not only that, my daughter ruined an outfit. I ended up with a major headache. The moral of the story is to never use painter's tape on a broken diaper. Bite the bullet and use a new diaper.

Maybe next time I'll use super glue!?

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