Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Treat My Child Like A Dog!

Confessions of a Weird Mom #3:

Little by little I'm starting to notice the similarities in the way I treat my daughter verses the way other people treat their dogs. It wasn't until considering getting a leash for my child before taking complete notice.

My daughter is growing fast and reaching all kinds of developmental milestones. Whenever she reaches a new milestone I feel the need to reward her. Apparently saying "good girl" and giving your child a treat is looked down upon. Oh, don't even think about rubbing your child's belly. To top things off, I accidentally played fetch with my daughter.

It just so happens my daughter was playing with a ball and lost control of the ball. The ball then came in the area I was in so I picked it up and threw it back in my daughter's direction. The situation got weird once my daughter brought the ball back to me just for me to throw it again. Just like that, we're playing fetch.

I won't mention the countless times I've whistled and clapped at my daughter. By the way, I still want that leash!

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